Book Packaging and Consulting for Publishers

The History Bank provides a complete menu of publishing consulting and packaging services to trade, university and specialty publishers. Since 1979 we have produced more than 300 books, from small black-and-white guides and catalogs to 2,000-page, multi-volume, slipcased museum editions. We have consulted to more than 100 publishers, small and large, from those needing a cursory editorial review or help launching a single niche title to those wanting cost analysis and ongoing management of a multi-level publishing program.

Our packaging and consulting services include


Our services incorporate years of expertise in traditional and non-traditional publishing with a keen eye toward the most cost-effective and fresh approach to meeting market demands and achieving clients' goals.

As examples, we developed, wrote and produced a seven-volume series on the Civil War for Dutton/Penguin and Scholastic that won more than two dozen national awards and became a staple for schools and libraries; provided editorial review, design and production of three editions of the visionary millennium work, Engineering Tomorrow, with exceedingly strict parameters for shipping and postmark on the last day of 1999; and edited, designed and produced the cult bestseller Alaska Bear Tales, which along with its sequel became a cottage industry for the author.

In the educational and arts arena, we developed and taught the book workshop for the venerable Radcliffe Publishing Course, launched and directed the Business of Publishing™ course at the University of Chicago, and chaired the Literature Committee for the Western States Arts Federation and the Western States Book Awards. We have also worked for at least 20 percent of the university presses in the United States and Canada.

In addition to writing and producing books, we specialize in consulting on vertical market sales, management of book divisions and all aspects of the publishing operation. We have been retained to launch book divisions for several periodical publishers, including Aster Publishing (13 special-interest technical magazines), Vernon Publications (whose periodicals ranged from construction to nursing), Group Health Cooperative (400,000 members and a single magazine) and Pinnacle Publishing (eight software industry journals and newsletters).

Whether you need help producing a single title, launching a book division, developing a multi-year publishing plan, or simply finding a way to trim operational costs, contact Norm Bolotin at

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