Customized Research to Guide Your Business

Research has been an integral component of The History Bank's services since our inception in 1979. Whether helping a museum identify visitorship qualities or a coin dealer quantify online markets, we provide customized research and analysis to guide clients in their business decisions. To meet the growing demand from customers, in 1987 we formed our Laing Research Services subsidiary to provide expanded research services and expertise. Since then, we have undertaken numerous and unique proprietary research projects, ranging from research to help plan the world tour of Ex Terra: Canada-China Dinosaur Project to surveying 8,000 instructors worldwide in preparation for new Japanese language textbooks from the University of Hawaii Press.

Perhaps the most notable among our projects is a landmark study correlating visitorship with the sale of museum books and catalogs. Sponsored in part by the Museum Publishers Association and the University of Chicago, this study was distributed by the American Association of Museums (AAM) for nearly a decade through three separate editions. We are currently working on an updated edition.

In conjunction with Ingram Book Company we also surveyed the needs and practices of small and independent publishers throughout the country, the most comprehensive study of its kind ever undertaken.

Although "research" is often viewed as the expensive undertaking to gather sweeping market data to guide advertising, The History Bank's expertise is in conducting small, vertical market research and custom-tailored studies that give you critical answers and insight into your audience and the best direction for your business.

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