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This is a remarkable coin, and if the quality of the scan can withstand the internet, seeing will be believing. The 1883 Liberty Nickel is TRIPLE STRUCK, although the slab says "double struck, rotated in collar." We have studied it at length and frankly, when we first saw it at the ANA annual auction, we saw TRIPLE instantly. Even through the slab and online, you should be able to see the first layer of doubling, the complete outlined of Miss Liberty doubled to the left. The stars show tripling and when glassing the obverse, the third strike is visible in the headband and shadowing at the hair line in the opposite direction from the initial doubling. The date is tough to see here, but it is an outstanding 'mess' of overlapping digits. The coin grades only Good or it would quickly be a $1,000 item. Its "good" but a gem! *


No, it's not a steel cent, but we decided to show you this spectacular 1972/72 Lincoln cent in its full Red (orange) and closeup in black and white in case that helps you study the doubling online. We bought our first 72/72, a gem BU, in 1980 for $175—and it took a couple of years to make a profit on it. That coin probably would bring $1,000 today, but it's taken a long time for collectors to give this rarity its due. We do not have the data on all the die combinations, but this obverse doubling is as strong as we have seen on ANY 72/72 in thirty years. The obverse color and doubling make this a thousand dollar coin. But the reverse is ordinary. As you can see in the scan, it has mottled color and a bit of what one could almost call an oil-like sheen on the surface. There does not appear to be any damage or any corrosion, just mottled color on the surface. But clearly an MS65/net AU coin can't be graded that way—as it could have back in the early eighties when split grading was popular. Still, as fan of the 72/72, we would want a minimum of $895 with a problem-free reverse; others would, I am quite sure, ask $1,100-1,200. We've seen lesser obverses sell for those prices. *


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