Price Lists Available

We are constantly buying, selling and updating our inventory. As we do so, we compile price lists for various inventory segments. When we acquire a collection of several hundred pieces, for example, it may take us awhile to inventory them all. But as an interim step, we often create a representative list based on customer requests.

We're happy to go through our collections and let you know exactly what we do or do not have. While we do not always have time to write lengthy descriptions or include photos for all the items, we can email you price lists by subject and then provide additional information or scans of the pieces that interest you. We're also happy to check new acquisitions to help with your want lists. We will update this list of lists periodically. Current lists available or "under construction" include:

  World's Columbian Exposition Tickets, Chicago 1893
  Century 21 Tickets, Seattle 1962
  Oregon Centennial So-Called Dollars
  Washington State Trade Tokens
  Modern Collectible and Limited Edition Disney Pins
  Vintage Disney Tickets
  Unopened Card Packs—Baseball, Football & Non-sports (1950–1989)
  Meteorites and Minerals
  Historical Newspapers, 1780–1940
  Historical Books (Civil War, World's Columbian Exposition, Americana)
  World's Fair Souvenirs (1876–1964), generally excluding paper ephemera, medals and tokens which are listed separately

To request a price list, please contact us at or toll-free 1-877-585-8818.

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